Cables and Contiguous Continued

Last week I finished my cablel-icious “Constant Carving” cardigan, designed by Annamaria Otvos ( that name should have all kinds of punctuation in it but, alas, my computer only understands English punctuation so, my apologies to Anamaria). Here it is fresh off the needles: no blocking or buttons yet.DSCN6925

This sweater features an innovative top-down set in sleeve in which one needle holds the bottom stitches while a different needle is used for the working stitches. You then knit one stitch from the “holding needle” at the end of each row with a SSK. The genius of this is that it requires no “wraps”: great for me since my wraps always look like crap anyway!

Here’s a close up of the sleeve:

DSCN6941It’s hard to see because it’s been super-sunny here lately and, well, the ultra bright coral-y pink color isn’t making it any easier to photograph.

The sleeve stitches make a nice, neat seam around the arms. This method was so easy and I love the results.

As for the “contiguous” sleeves I tried on an ill-fated “Rhinia” a while back, I have now made a second attempt. This time it’s a pretty basic sweater: “Same same but different (contiguous Walnus)” by the uber talented “Ankestrick” (Ravelry user name: fallmasche). This sweater is a birthday present for the BFF so I’ve been knitting like mad to get it finished in time (a week from tomorrow!) and I’m using the “Brooklyn Tweed” “Loft” that I wrote about in this post.


The contiguous method employed in this pattern is the one developed by Susie Myers but this is a saddle shoulder version. Look how clean and neat and fabulous it is!



I don’t know why I thought this was going to be difficult. It’s really, really, really easy and, I have to say, I think the results are pretty awesome.


As for non-knitish news: Brodie turned “Mike Tyson” a few days back and took a hunk out of Susie’s ear!  Yikes!

Thankfully she is fine………….DSCN6921                                                                                                                                                       ………..well, except for the missing piece of ear and the Elizabethan collar, I mean.

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