A Most Prized Possession


This is a picture of my most prized possession. If you asked people who know me they would be surprised to know I have a prized possession. Not that I don’t like my stuff, I’m just not a very sentimental person by nature.

This sweater, however, is one of very few exceptions. I happen to be quite sentimental about this.

My dad was the first owner of this sweater. I remember him wearing it for years.  It was repossessed from an old boyfriend in a fit of teen-aged anger in the early 80’s and My BFF wore it as a coat all through college. I have even worn it myself on occasion. So this sweater holds a lot of memories for me.

The reason I most love this sweater, however, is that this is the sweater my mother was knitting, in the fall of 1969, when she took a break to put me on her lap and teach me to knit.

I was five years old at the time and my mom was not yet thirty. I didn’t know back then how very important that moment would be and I doubt my mom did either. My younger sister was napping and my older sister was at school and, I suspect, my mother was trying to teach me something that would occupy my time while she got a much needed break.

What she ended up teaching me was a craft that would, in turn, teach me many things about life and about myself.

Thanks mom, and happy belated Mothers’ Day!

(I hope you package gets there soon I swear I sent it in plenty of time!)




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