Apparently there is a blog culture out there that hadn’t known about until recently. A big fat community of bloggers that like to do things en mass and today I’m going to jump on their bandwagon. On the first Tuesday of each month these bloggers from all around the world pick a topic to post about and today it’s a topic that I love: Camelot.

Yes knights of the round table, King Arthur, the Kennedy’s and anything else you can think of. And I can think of a lot. My contribution will be strictly knitting related, of course.

Most recently I stumbled across Angela Hahn’s Dragon lace pullover which is “camelot-ish” in the “King Arthur” way that all things dragon related tend to be.

If unicorns are more your thing, “MiLady’s Dream” from Crazy lace lady over on ETSY is pretty freakin’ awesome!

MiLady's Dream - PDF Pattern
Although you might be tempted by some of here other patterns, as there are plenty of dragons to be had here too.
If you want to be really literal you could go for Cute Crafty Crochet’s “Sir Knight Helmet” which is about as cute as a knight can get.
Instant Download PDF - Sir Knight Helmet Crochet Pattern
For those of you who prefer the more modern Camelot of the Kennedy’s I recommend Heidi and Anna Pickle’s adorable Betty Sweater:
Actually, I love their designs so I recommend them all, even the ones that don’t apply to today’s Camelot theme. (Pickle’s website!)
Or Jennifer Tallapaneni’s “Dose Pillbox Hat” certainly fills the Kennedy/Camelot bill.
I like my references to be a bit less obvious myself, like the version of Annie Watts’ Reptile’s Dream I made for my Step-Mom last year.
So that’s my take on “Camelot”. Maybe I’ll play along again next  month ’cause this was kinda fun!

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