Leibster Award!

Last week maureen15 of Neoteric Wool nominated me for a “Liebster” award, for which I am very grateful. Being nominated for this award means A) someone likes my blog and B) someone other than the Hubbs and my mother actually reads it!

Please do me a favor and check out Neoteric Wool if you haven’t already.

What is a “Leibster” award? The research I’ve done so far (not extensive mind you) has turned up relatively little that the lovely maureen15 hadn’t already posted on her blog so I’ll just reiterate her definition for you:

This is an award given to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers by fellow bloggers and it’s really a way to highlight and expand the reach of smaller blogs you like. It’s really pretty cool and, I have to say, I’m extremely flattering to be included. The rules as stated over at Neoteric Wool are:

1. Post eleven facts about myself

2. Answer the questions given to me by the person who nominated me

3. Invent eleven questions to ask people whom I wish to nominate for the award

4. Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link to them in my post.

Seems pretty straight forward so let’s just get down to it.

Eleven facts about myself:

1) I lie about my height-always.

2) I hate dusting.

3) I let my dogs eat off my plate when the Hubbs isn’t looking.

4) snow makes me giddy.

5) I really love a good micro-brew.

6) I like to hang out at the library.

7) I like to iron.

8) If the Hubbs isn’t around I watch educational cartoons on PBS.

9) I prefer knitting and walking the dogs to more strenuous workouts.

10) I get up ridiculously early.

11) I’m almost 50!

2. Answer the questions given to me by the person who nominated me

Questions For My Nominees

1. What is your typical Wednesday night like? 

Walk the dogs, make dinner, eat dinner, watch TV with the Hubbs and knit until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer.

2. Where would you like to travel to?

Australia and Ireland

3. What is smell that reminds you of your childhood?

Cherry pipe tobacco

4. What snack do most often reach for?

Oranges or salt licorice

5. What is your favorite store?

any of them that sell yarn

6. If you could have any occupation besides the one you have now, what would it be?


7. What is your favorite book?

Anything by Henry James

8. Cats or dogs?

Dogs 100%

9. What action or moment in your life are you most proud of?

“Most” proud is hard but I’m pretty proud of the first sweater I made for my mom and learning two of the three Japanese alphabets.

10. Who is the main person you lean on in life?

It’s a tie between the Hubbs and my BFF.

11. What is your favorite article of clothing?

A really cool coat the Hubbs gave me for Christmas last year.

Questions For My Nominees

1) What inspired you to start your blog?

2) What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

3) Who do you most aspire to be like?

4) What is your favorite city?

5) You prefer to spend your vacation time mostly on beaches or in museums?

6) What is your favorite dessert?

7) What’s your astrological sign?

8) What possession do you most prize?

9) How old is your oldest living relative?

10) If you had the time and resources to develop any new skill, what would it be?

11) How often do you check your e-mail?

Blogs I Nominate


A Tangled Yarn


The Knit Enabler

Chameleon in Boots

This Rosy Life

That Hooking Blog

From the Purl Side

AndreSue Knits




  1. I love to read your blog,Gini,and I am neither your mom,your Hubbs, or a knitter,lol!

  2. great job on your blog and congrats on your award! thank you for my nomination also 🙂 -Heather

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