Friday’s are for Finishing

It’s Friday and for the first time in ages I have finished objects. That’s right, I finally put down my WIPs, picked up a tapestry needle and did some finishing. My “Sylvane” cardigan is currently drying out (I wet blocked it this morning) so I still don’t have any pictures of that but I do have:



 Pink Peony Beret

I purchased this pattern ages ago (two years?) and I got the yarn (“Saucon” by Kreamer) shortly thereafter but I just never got around to making this one. The pattern (by Irina Dmitrieva) comes as a group of three.  The lace pattern was really fun and I love the hat. It’s maybe a little more slouchy than I would normally wear and, to be honest, I love the color but it’s not great on me. I need to make another one.

I’m still working on my crocheted bag obsession:


This one is by Bobwilson123 (I blogged about her last week) and it was really fun to make. The original is all one color but I switched it up a bit by making the base square out of red, then changed to alternating black and off-white (two rows each) then I ended it with two more rounds of the red and red handles. I love this bag. Unfortunately I’m giving it away. My BFF was enamored of my last crochet string bag so I told her she could have the next one. How did I know it would be so cute?  

I used Tahki Cotton Classic for this and it was perfect. I love that it’s mercerized so it has a little sheen to it. It’s really my “go to” cotton yarn.

But that’s not all….I also used up some Noro “Taiyo” yarn I had lying about to make:Image

this cool granny scarf. I haven’t blocked it yet so It will probably be a little more “open” after that but I had to take pics ASAP because it’s been raining non-stop for three days and I didn’t know when I’d get another glimpse of the sun!

This is really just a half-granny-square. I’m not all that familiar with granny-squares so I used this pattern as a guide. I used three double crochets instead of four and I did a double crochet border around the whole thing.

This yarn is beautiful but it’s a pain in the ass to work with because of the high twist it rolls up on itself all the time. It’s well worth the effort in the end.


As I said, it’s been raining for three days straight which means, not only am I limited on photo opps but…..Image

I think Susie is a little depressed.

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