Ten Reasons for Knitters to be Happy

I woke up cranky this morning. I’m not sure why, maybe because we paid our taxes over the weekend, or maybe because the Hubbs got called out of town unexpectedly, throwing a monkey wrench into my Sunday plans. Usually I’m not that perturbed by his absence, he travels a lot for work so I’m used to it.  With unhindered access to the remote I can catch up on lots of PBS and BBC documentaries while  knitting to my heart’s content and not cooking. Which is exactly what I did.

I find, if I play documentaries while I knit A) I’m not so engrossed that nothing gets done and B) I might remember something interesting I should have learned in High School but was too busy curling my hair to pay attention to.

“Viking Apocalypse”? Pretty interesting and I got a sleeve finished. “American Experience: The Greely Expedition”? Fascinating. It was also disturbing, depressing as all get-out and interrupted my knitting. The fact that I’m still thinking about it has probably contributed to my foul Monday morning mood.

In any case I decided to think of some reasons I have to be happy rather than cranky and, as a knitter, it turns out, that’s not so difficult. I’ll share my list here with you so next time you wake up cranky you can read it through and maybe it’ll help. I know “The Louisiana Purchase” won’t although it did lead to the finishing of my “Sylvane” cardigan and some shady business between the French and Spanish.

I'll post better pics after blocking and weaving in ends.

I’ll post better pics after blocking and weaving in ends.

Top Ten Reasons Knitters Have To Be Happy:

  1. RHSS: because it all starts somewhere
  2. Elizabeth Zimmerman: because we all need a mentor
  3. Addi-turbos: because they really are faster
  4. “Kid-silk Haze”: just because
  5. Ravelry: because, as addictions go, it’s pretty harmless and has no calories
  6. The internet: because now everyone has access to nice yarn
  7. Your LYS: because it’s healthier than your local pub but serves the same purpose
  8. A stash: because inspiration can strike at 2 A.M.
  9. Crochet hooks: because sometimes you want to try something different
  10. Other knitters: because sharing is fun


  1. JDKnitter says:

    Love your list 🙂 So true about Ravelry & LYS.

  2. what is RHSS?

  3. Reblogged this on yarntalesathillcreek and commented:
    We all need a little reminder sometimes of things to be happy about!!

  4. Wonderful list!! I love the Kid Silk Haze…. one of the only mohair’s I actually enjoy.

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