Crochet Crush

I haven’t written specifically about crochet lately which is odd since I seem to have some sort of crochet obsession going on. I’m not sure if it’s the crochet I’m crushing on though or all of the crochet videos I’ve been watching. This started a while back when I bought an Interweave video download on crochet hats with Robyn Chachula. (I wrote about it here)

After that I purchased the “Crochet Sweater Studio” DVD (also by Interweave and also starring Robyn). I had intended to purchase the video download again but accidentally put the wrong thing in my basket and then found out I couldn’t cancel the order-which is annoying as all get out, but anyway…

According to the product description this video will teach you the following things:

1) The basics for designing with or without a pattern

2) Various construction methods for designing and crocheting garments

3) How to read a pattern or chart and adjust or modify various types of construction methods to get the right shape and size

4) How to customize your garments with a variety of necklines, armhole shaping, motifs etc…

5) Stress-free fixes to crochet problems

Again, I might be a little biased because I’m a fan of Robyn’s but I think she accomplishes all of this and, what’s more, she breaks everything down so it’s really easy to understand. If you are an advanced crocheter, you might find this video redundant. For most of us though, I think this is a good investment. I do suggest the download version if you can get it as it’s less expensive to begin with,  doesn’t require postage and it’s delivered within a few minutes. For those of us with the patience of a jumping bean, that’s key. How we ever managed before the digital age I’ll never know.

I liked these videos and I think Interweave does a nice job with them, but there are some really good free options out there too. For example, the other day I came across this bag pattern over on Ravelry:

Solid Granny Square Bottom Bag Crochet Tutorial by bobwilson123


This pattern, by “bobwilson123”, is actually a YouTube tutorial by the designer Clare. This lovely woman has an entire YouTube channel containing more than 500 free crochet video tutorials. I watched the video for this bag and one for the granny square needed to start the bag and then got off on a tangent and I don’t know how many I ended up watching. A lot. Most of her tutorials seem to run about 20 minutes, give or take a few. Clare is funny, friendly, chatty, comfortable and knowledgeable. She also does a really good job of pointing out small details that often get lost in videos. (i.e. places where you are likely to accidentally add or delete stitches). While Clare has a TON of videos, if she doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you can always go over to her fan group on Ravelry and suggest a topic!  I really enjoyed these videos and Clare has an adorable Aussie accent that makes everything seem so much more fun (Americans are suckers for a good accent). I confess, I had to do a report on the Australian echidna in 7th grade and I’ve been a big fan of anything Australian ever since. Personal biases aside, if you’re looking for good straightforward crochet teaching, bobwilson123 is your girl.

It’s the Easter Echidna!

Long-beaked Echidna

Long-beaked Echidna

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