March: In like a Lion…


“Alluvium” is finished just in time for the first day of spring. I live in the mid-west so I know better than to assume I’ll be having an actual spring. It will be like always: mostly winter until around May first then two weeks of spring before we plunge headlong into summer’s heat. So please forgive me if my “spring” knits look a lot like my “winter” knits.


Alluvium” (Jennifer Dassau) Is a side-to-side constructed cardigan with “after-thought” sleeves in a soft, bulky weight yarn. I don’t often use bulky yarns (I have enough bulk of my own, thank you) but, since this was a more drapey, wrap-like, blanket cardigan, I felt like it could work and, anyway, in the cold dreary grey of the last few weeks I wanted something really cozy and squishy so only a soft bulky yarn would do. The pattern is well written, easy to remember, fast to make and, due to the larger gauge, even the stockinette part didn’t get boring, as it sometimes (read: almost always) does.

As I mentioned in a previous post,the yarn is  “Ariosa” from Classic Elite yarns and I love it. Like I said before, I don’t use a lot of bulky weight yarns but, when I do, I’ll be looking for more of this. It’s super soft with no itch-factor that I can detect and gives good stitch definition. It is almost like a roving in construction so there is a little splittyness but it’s not bad. This yarn has a lot of loft to it in the ball but becomes much more drapey with (wet) blocking. I was happy about that aspect, as I wanted a drapey fabric but something to consider if you’re looking for more structure.


I was really thinking that “Alluvium” would be my last heavy knit for the season but today the weatherman is calling for more snow and (another) drop in temps so, while I’m a bit tired of the cold (especially the blasted wind!) I’ll take this opportunity to work on one more wooly cardigan. I have Anna Sudo’s  Sylvine cardigan on the needles right now and I’m really enjoying it. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. This is a top-down, round-yoke cardigan in worsted weight wool with the increases included in the fun lace pattern. I’m using the Rowan “Creative Focus Worsted” that I originally purchased for my ill-fated “contiguous sleeves” sweater and it’s really pretty awesome. Not as soft as the Ariosa and with a small itch-factor but it gets great stitch definition, the lace pattern really pops and you just can’t beat this color! (The pics look a bit red but it’s really more fuchsia.)


In other news, I did “upcycle” an old sweater last week (I told you I would). I didn’t pick one of my older hand knits though. Instead, I found one of the Hubbs’ old thrift sweaters, a nice soft combo of lambswool and acrylic, probably an aran or bulky weight. I like the mottled grey color and the soft feel of it and, since the Hubbs rarely wears sweaters, I doubt he’ll notice it’s missing.  I have no idea what I’ll do with the yarn but, for my first time frogging a commercially made sweater,  I’m pretty happy with it. It will probably be turned into (yet another) scarf for mom or my BFF. Either way it’s better than falling on my head every time I open the spare-room closet.

                                      Out like a…

very well behaved hound dog!

very well-behaved hound dog!


  1. Rebecca W. says:

    I love this! Perfect for this year’s lame spring.

  2. I love your color choices for these projects. So fresh for wooly pieces!

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