Gag, gag, gag me with a spoon

I met a woman recently who claimed she didn’t like Ravelry because she felt the people weren’t “serious” knitters. “Hmmmmm” I thought, “what is a serious knitter?” and, more importantly, “how serious does one need to be about knitting?”

I’m not above the off-hand gag or prank. I once knitted a set of “bacon and eggs” for a friend of mine. It was kind of cute and slightly amusing and I was glowing with pride as my friends and co-workers “oooed” and “ahhed” over my handiwork. (Never mind that I had worn any number of hand knitted items around these people before with nary a comment.) But, truth be told, as soon as I’d figured out how to make my bacon-and-eggs and taken the requisite photo of them, my next thought was “so now what?”.  This was a purely one-off gag that was useful for using up some random bits of yarn and providing a modicum of amusement but, I’m confident, it was lost to the garbage man long ago.

Right now I can log on to Ravelry and find any number of knitted or crocheted “gags”: mustaches, beards, cat headdresses, faux poop (yep, POOP) and of course “willie” warmers. None of these things is particularly useful and IMO, not even very funny, but then neither was “bacon and eggs”. I imagine these are the things, along with chap-stick and apple cozies, that the woman I met was referring to when she claimed the people on Ravelry weren’t “serious” knitters. And she may be right. Maybe they aren’t “serious” knitters but who are we to judge?

Knitting, to me, is like reading. I read mysteries for entertainment and history books for edification and cookbooks because I have no idea how to cook without them and the occasional “People” magazine because I can. Likewise my knitting sometimes teaches me a new technique, sometimes it provides an item I need and sometimes (ok almost always) it provides pleasure. Pure, simple, selfish pleasure. But in both knitting and reading, I’m a firm believer that doing it at all is far better than not.

For today I’ll leave you with a real gag. If you’re old enough to remember the 80’s this will undoubtedly make you-like-totally-laugh-like-I’m sure. If you’re too young to remember the 80’s, just pretend one of these girls is your mom and be prepared to ROTFLMAO.


…..and remember, the world is a pretty serious place that could do with a good gag now and then, even if you have to knit it.


  1. iriegemini says:

    Thanks for liking my post! I like yours too, and suspect that knitter has only seen the tip of the iceberg for what Ravelry offers, and has done for the knitting industry – serious & frivolous corners alike. Even though I could be knitting or spinning when I am on Rav, it gives far more in the way of inspiration, new ideas, etc. I haven’t knitted monsters or gag knits but they make me smile on Rav, blogs and elsewhere.

  2. Wow. That just seems rather sad to me. Did she even take a look around, or just come across something ‘funny’ and turn her nose up?

    That is the beauty about Rav – it is kind of like ebay- it is for all kinds and you can find nearly anything on it (knitted poop? REALLY? wow). I am not much of a gag knitter either, but live and let live. If people are having fun, who cares?

    (Am I sounding a little bit like a valley girl with all those ‘wows’? And what was with gagging and spoons? I never got that one…) 😉


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