two stitches many choices


In knitting, as in life, it’s easy to become complacent. You know that all of knitting is knit and purl. You can twist the stitches and change the colors of the stitches and turn the stitches sideways but, ultimately you’re dealing with two stitches. Your choice is to keep doing those two stitches the same way, over and over. or to do something differently.

I have wanted to try the contiguous sleeve method ever since I first saw it about two years ago. True enough, I was a bit intimidated, but I was also pretty sure learning this new method would be far more trouble than it was worth. I mean, why go to the trouble of figuring this out when the non-contiguous set-in sleeve works perfectly fine? What’s the point? Will it result in a different sweater in the end? Who will notice? Why do I care? The list of jaded “who cares?” questions is endless. And that, my friends, is complacency.

Today I am casting on for a new cardigan, the Rhinia cardigan(with contiguous sleeves!) by Astrid Schramm:

For which I have purchased some quite delicious hot pink creative focus worsted yarn by Rowan (that’s it pictured up top). I’m printing out all fourteen pages of my pattern and I’m going to take some time and learn something new. Because it’s not important what you do with the stitches so much as what you get out of them in the end. I don’t mean the finished product, necessarily but what you get out of them in a deeper sense. Did they challenge you? Did they teach you something new? Or did you, this time, get them right? Life is like this. It’s really the same thing every day. The challenge is to change your perspective to allow those same days to give you something new each time.

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday


  1. […] is the case with my “Sylvine”. I cast on for this the other day with Rowan’s “creative focus worsted” in hot pink. I got about three inches past the armhole, tried it on and decided the cardigan needed to be made […]

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