hands down


I’m not the kind of girl who’s ever been that into fingernails. Not that I don’t like a good manicure, mind you, it’s just that I spent my entire career working in retail which means lots of dirty cash drawers, dusty boxes and hand washing. None of which do anything nice for a pricey manicure. Up until now I’ve really stuck to pedicures (safely tucked into my shoes and protected by my hand knit socks) and saved manicures for special events (like my 40th birthday or my wedding). But lately it’s come to my attention that my hands could look a little nicer. I imagine that’s because I spend more time looking at them now. I hold them in front of my face for hours a day while knitting and then, once in a while, they show up in a picture here on my blog or over on Ravelry or whatnot.

So I guess it’s not surprising that, while watching Robyn Chachula demonstrate crochet techniques on a video the other day (more about that below), I zoomed right in on her hands. Nice clean pretty and perfectly manicured. “UGH! How does she do that?” I wondered. Same thing when I watched the last episode of this  season’s “Knitting Daily”: Eunny Jang = nice fingernails!

Now, I know these ladies have professional help being on TV and all but , non the less, I can’t help feeling like I should step it up a bit if I’m going to allow my hands to be seen up close and sans gloves (see pics above).

I am suddenly reminded of an Elizabeth Zimmerman video I bought ages ago. It was a video of her PBS series from the 70’s and it’s a great watch for many reasons but, what sticks in my head, is the time I told my friends at the old LYS how incredibly bad EZs  hands looked in the video. Their response was to glare at me with the most sincere distaste, jaws agape, shocked into silence by my obvious disrespect for our beloved EZ. Finally my friend (yes we’re still friends), Lynn managed to pull her jaw up long enough to respond “I don’t think that was really her priority do you?”

Ummm, well no I don’t but then I don’t think our beloved EZ had ever been subjected to the cold harsh reality of HD either. So, my apologies Elizabeth, wherever you are. I meant no malice I was just observing that you’d probably spent a day too many in the icy cold winters of Wisconsin and could use a heavy dose of udder balm. As for me, I think I’ll go get a manicure for a change. Those cuticles look like a nasty snagging accident in the making.

As for that video I mentioned above it was the “Crochet me workshop: design your own crocheted hat with Robyn Chachula” from Interweave press. It was not terribly long (a little over an hour and a half) and the downloadable version was about $15 US. I liked this video. Robyn has a charming manner and she’s very clear without being redundant. She explains clearly a couple of ways to go about shaping to achieve the look you’re going for and also covers the issue of drape/body of particular types of yarn. This isn’t an advanced video and doesn’t go into design theory or any thing like that but if, like me, you’re relatively new to crochet or to designing in crochet, this was worth the money and the time, IMHO.

In other knitting-related news, does anyone remember my post about the new knitting-tool bag (a.k.a. cosmetic bag from Target)  a purchased? Maybe a week or two ago? Yeah well, my precious Susie has been at it again. This time she only managed to remove the handles, which, quite frankly, were a bit of an annoyance anyway. You might be wondering what’s wrong with me that I would leave her alone with another bag but…..


Seriously? She does such a good job of looking innocent!


  1. […] I haven’t written specifically about crochet lately which is odd since I seem to have some sort of crochet obsession going on. I’m not sure if it’s the crochet I’m crushing on though or all of the crochet videos I’ve been watching. This started a while back when I bought an Interweave video download on crochet hats with Robyn Chachula. (I wrote about it here) […]

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