Knitter’s red carpet part 2…

If my post from wednesday was all about the knitting world’s “old guard” (to keep the Oscar theme going we’ll call them the Robert Deniros and Jessica Langs of knitting) then today’s post is about the new guard, the indies and the up and commers. There are a lot of them out there so I’ve tried to stick to my top ten. Let’s see how I do…..

Numbered, but not in any order of preference (that would be too difficult)

  1. Joji Locatelli
  2. Kate Davies
  3. Fallmasche
  4. Vera Valimaki
  5. Kyoko Nakayoshi
  6. Lisa Mutch
  7. Kieran Foley
  8. Atelier Alfa
  9. Suvi Simola
  10. Jane Richmond
  11. Wolly Wormhead
  12. Molly Woodtagger
  13. Rachel Coopey
  14. Jennifer Wood
  15. Anne B. Hanssen
  16. Faima Othman

I told you it would be hard to keep it to 10. BTW, our red carpet would be hand-knit in a delicious Malabrigo yarn in Ravelry Red (pictured at top) of course.

It should also be noted that this list based on my personal knitting preferences (which should be obvious, but just in case) and, since I prefer knitting sweaters, they are predominantly sweater designers. And, of course, there are many more, too many to list so I will stop with these.

All links are to either designer’s website/blog (when available) or their Ravelry page.

In other news I plan to watch the Oscars on Sunday and, with any luck, I’ll finish the lace part of SweaterBabe‘s “Night and Day Infinity scarf” by then and will be able to mindlessly knit my way through the brioche section.

My “Blake” cardi is almost finished, just the collar left to do, and I hope to be wearing it in front of my T.V. on Sunday. My beloved “thundersnow” bag is on the back burner until I can manage to stop obsessing over my yarn choices.

Have a great weekend.

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