Red Carpet Knitting

With the Oscars right around the corner and , being knitish, I was thinking that  we should have a super-glam red-carpet event to showcase the elite and famous knitters and crocheters of the world…..


Insert dream bubble here

queue dream-like music

It would start with:


The inimitable Elizabeth Zimmerman, of course, followed by…


Her daughter Meg Swanson (Schoolhouse press)

559755then knitting (and crocheting) geniuses  Maggie Righetti (amazon page),

Barbara G. Walker at Sock Summit 2009.  Barbara G. Walker,

and Deborah Newton (amazon page)th_033then awe-inspiring designers Nora Gaughan (blog)

Norah-Gaughan1and Annie Modesittth_016some media celebs…

editorial genius and television personality Ms  Eunny Jang (knitting daily)

Eunny-Jang fellow TV  personalities

Kristin Omdahl (blog)

th_027 Brett Bara (blog)


Vickie Howell

And Drew Emborsky the Crochet Dude! (blog)th_031

Our red carpet wouldn’t be complete without  a Brit or two.

DBSS13EdLetterQuintessential Brit knitter and my personal knitting hero Debbie Bliss,

Color King Kaffe Fassettkaffe_fassett

( I think he’s Irish, does that count?) and fellow color-phile Brandon Mablyth_016 Then to top it off I’d have the adorable, funny (and super fast) Ms. Lily Chin 

as my red-carpet reporter a la Joan Rivers!th_013

Ok so that’s my knitters fantasy red-carpet (the short version, trust me it could be much longer)

Who would you want on your red carpet?






  1. I would also put in Kate Davies a fabulous Scottish designer. 🙂

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