blue, orange, green

So it seems I’m a bit consumed by color lately. It’s funny how, sometimes you start thinking about something and then all of a sudden that something pops up everywhere you look. Case in point: color.

Last week I posted about my penchant for choosing the most inappropriate colors for my skin tone which got me to thinking about what colors I would want to be knitting for spring, and just then, lo and behold, this article popped up on my radar. Vicki Archer of French Essence is touting cobalt blue Image as the color of the season.

Tess’ designer yarns “cobalt blue”

lady of the lake - hand dyed lachesis bluefaced silk laceweight (in stock)
Now Cobalt is a color I can wear, and I happen to like it a lot but, just as I was about to place an order for something luscious in this stunning color, I received THIS E-Mail from Bergdorf-Goodman proclaiming that Orange

is going to be  the color of the season for spring 2013.
So I found…..
MIGHTY - corriedale sock - Tang
I love the name “Tang” it makes my mouth water because I always associate it with the drink mix which was particularly “tangy” straight from the jar.
Article: #487-135   Persimmon: <p>Tangerine orange</p>
Orange. Another color I both love and can wear well. But wait…the Sunday New York Times Style claims that bright green
is actually going to be the color this season.
I’m not sure how much I believe this one as it was pretty hard to find any editorial evidence of it  but I did find these lovelies:
Hand Dyed Merino Worsted weight yarn- Three-Leaf Clover
Sari Ribbon - Leaf
100g Solemate Hand Dyed 4ply Sock Yarn: Emerald City
And green is another color I can wear, especially this saturated emerald green.
Truth be told though, I will probably end up with something in a firey fuchsia or muted  medium grey. We’ll see. In any case I think I’m over the color thing for the moment. No promises though.


  1. What sumptuous colours, I love the combination of the vibrant orange, the jewel like blues and the emerald green. The yarns look fabulous and would be a joy to knit.

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