Spring is in the air….

Yes, I know it’s only the middle of February and I’m still in for at least one more good dose  of snow before the season is over (probably around Easter) but, here in south-east Michigan, the weather has warmed just enough to melt the snow and turn my thoughts towards spring knitting.

I’m almost finished with my Blake cardi so I’ll need a new project before too long anyway and…..

SweaterBabe.com just came out with a new pattern: “Simply SweaterBabe Top-Down cardi”


Maybe made up in…..


Sunday Knits Nirvana in “Rain”. This would look fab with a pair of  skinny, camel colored, cords and a white T or thrown over a pair of charcoal leggings with a big white shirt and some chunky boots?

I’ve been itching to make Anne B. Hanssen’s Outdoor Girl for ages:

and feel like it would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe in say:
How cute is that over a pair of dark blue jeans?
For something more subtle I’m liking Jennifer Dassau’s Jilted (from Holla knits)
In some Madeline Tosh Merino Light (Steam Age) that’s been languishing in my stash for a while now:
and would look sweet over my navy blue, 1950’s, slip-come-dress.
But none of them are going to look good with anything if I don’t get back to knitting and finish up this “blake”, which I’m hoping to do by the beginning of next week.
In other news, have you all noticed the new front page of Ravelry? (I’m just assuming everyone is on Ravelry, I think it’s a safe bet). It now recommends new patterns based on your viewing/fave-ing/knitting history and I’m kind of diggin’ it! I’m curious to know how others feel though so let’s hear about it.

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