Color Theory

Yesterday my poor Thundersnow bag came to a screeching halt when, nearing the end of the first side, I ran out of yarn and started a new ball.

                  “Ummmm…What’s up with this yarn? Not the same as the first ball, or the second ball either, it’s much thinner and more twisted and looks totally different!”

“Not to worry, I have gobs of the stuff I’ll just get another ball which is …also waaaaay thin and twisty and wrong!”

Turns out, not all of this yarn came from the same place. Now that I think about it I realize some of it was from a sweater I frogged last summer and some of it was brought home from one of Hubby’s work trips. The problem is, I don’t have enough of the bulkier yarn and the yarn I have enough of is too thin.

So what’s a girl to do at 5 am?    Hit the stash, of course

…and I came up with:


Five skeins of Berroco “Weekend” a nice worsted weight cotton blend yarn that’s perfect for a bag.

What I can’t explain is why I purchased enough of this yarn for a sweater. I know I intended to use it for an adorable lacy shrug-like cardigan by Teva Durham but why? I mean, why this non-color, color?

Although this is a color I’m constantly drawn to, it isn’t a color that looks particularly good on me. I know. I’ve worn it before. In fact my penchant for dressing in pukey colors goes back so far I have a picture of myself wearing this exact color in the 7th grade! And, to be fair, it didn’t even look good on me then. No, in fact, it gives my complexion all the luster of a cold bowl of oatmeal.
So why is it in my stash? Why did I buy it? I don’t know. It’s possible that the cute Corgi that resides at the LYS cast a spell on me, or maybe I was dazzled by the flourescent lighting, I wasn’t feeling well? I forgot my glasses?
I don’t have an answer for you. I know that I have a tendency to pick colors that were part of my grandmother’s wardrobe in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Colors often named “Old Rose” or “Dusty Purple” which were most often featured in giant cabbage rose prints a la Laura Ashley. (Think Hyacinth Bucket from the BBC’s “Keeping up appearances” and you’ve got it)
I find when I’m purchasing yarn I often forget that it will be turned into something I will (presumably) wear and therefore should comply with any and all “rules”  I would use when purchasing ready-to-wear clothing. I am too easily seduced by fuzzy mohair that is too itchy and fascinating Fair Isle that’s inevitably too warm  and, as in this case, colors that really don’t suit me. I have tried to be more aware of these things in the last year or so. I try to remember what it is I’m creating and for what it will be used. I try to remember that I live in the mid west United States (not in the north pole), that I’m no longer a wispy  teenager (thank god) and  that sometimes I go out in public. I can’t say I don’t still make a mistake, as in this case, but I think I make them less often. I admire the hand dyed, crayola colored, self- striping merino but I don’t buy enough of it for a sweater. I pet the bulky alpaca lovingly and then leave it behind for someone else. The mohair…well, I have a lot of mohair, what can I say? I still have my weaknesses.
I might make Thundersnow out of this yarn and I might not. I haven’t decided yet. Instead I took a little break to whip up some (mostly) bright,mid-winter fun:Image
These are cheery, quick and used up stash scraps plus- color isn’t an issue!
Green bangle is random cotton yarn from stash (DK), Yellow is Lilly sugar ‘n cream, pink is hand-spun wool and grey is Malabrigo worsted.
Pattern is Crochet bangle by Dirtylush. Pattern can also be found here.
Super fun!


  1. I have the same problem. Good to know I’m not the only one!

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