Remember when…..

I said I had a bag obsession? Well, it doesn’t stop at the bags I make myself (which are plentiful BTW). Maybe it’s the Virgo in me, but I can’t help acquiring new ways of organizing my knitting. I have some help in this department in the form of a bag-chewing hound and a particularly good gift-giving Hubby.

This past week, as I sat right here at this computer and told you all about my obsession with crocheted bags and then went on about how great my current project is blah, blah, blah, my hound dog (Susie, for future reference) sat in the living room quietly chewing away on my recently acquired (via thrift store, mind you, for all of $3) knitting tool organizer. This was a simple cosmetic organizer with three clear compartments which held most of my knitting tools. I liked it. It was easy to find things in and it was convenient in that it rolled up and sat neatly in my knitting basket and it replaced the six or seven smaller zippy bags I had been using before.

I replaced this, dog-chewed, little gem over the weekend with a slightly larger cosmetic bag that really does hold all of my knitting tools (two sets of Addi-clicks, a set of Raku crochet hooks, tape measures, gauges, cable needles, extra long sock needles, highlighter tape, highlighter pens, stitch markers….a band aid….)


I got it at Target for $12 and, if you need one of these, I advise you to get crackin’ Target is having some sort of spring cleaning or something and has put most of their cosmetic bags on clearance!

As for knitting projects I almost always have a little something going in one of these shoe bags.


I used to sell shoes so I have a plethora of these lying around my house and, for the most part, they’re convenient for small projects like socks or scarves or mitts. The ones you want to avoid are the flannel ones as they tend to grab every piece of lint they come in contact with-and that’s a lot of lint if you’re a knitter.

I have a set of these snappy bags ( Namaste’s Oh Snap) which are really great for travel. The large one holds a pretty big project including magazine or printed pages if necessary and I can always see what’s going on in there plus, the snaps don’t grab your yarn so you can just sit it on your lap and knit right out of it.


My current favorite knitting bag is this vintage-inspired delight by Cath Kidston.


It’s made of a waxed canvas or oil-cloth fabric but it’s so shiny it almost looks like plastic. It’s bright and cheerful and has great floral Cath Kidston fabric lining with two small inside pockets and a big snap pocket on the outside and it just plain makes me happy! The only issue is the big zip which catches on yarn as it pulls out of the bag but.. well, you can’t have everything and one does have to make sacrifices for style on occasion.

All of these bags currently reside in a twiggy brown basket I’ve had forever which is nestled in between my sofa and the wall in my living room. Convenient, organized, and out of the hounds sight!


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