more thundersnow and a tiny web review


I had originally wanted to write up a little thingie about some knitting and crocheting e-zines today but I realized if I talk about “the Twist Collective” again you’re going to think I own a piece of it and I’m guessing that everyone who knits and has had access to a computer anytime in the last decade already knows about “Knitty” so I’ll leave that one alone too.

Instead I’ll link up just a couple of smaller, indie publications that I find inspiring in case you haven’t already found them.  I really like “Holla Knits” for their fashion-y take on all things knitish. “Amirisu” has a great, modern, minimalist aesthetic with beautiful photography and simple but sophisticated patterns. Tangled is another good one with a slightly more naturalistic but still modern feel.  For kids stuff I think “Petite Purls” is a really cute site with good photography and fun patterns (mostly free I think).
PomPom quarterly is a printed indie mag that looks promising and I’ve heard good things about it from others. I haven’s seen one in person though. It ships from England but their postage doesn’t look outrageous so I might place an order for the current issue.

And lastly, blogger Karen Templer of “Fringe Association” just started a new feature “knit the look” where she makes yarn and pattern recommendations for current fashion trends which looks promising.  I’ll be keeping an eye on that.

As for me today all I have to offer is an update on my Thundersnow bag.

ImageI’ve just finished row 12 out of 20 on the first side of this bag. (The color here looks a little more yellow than in real life) I’m pretty happy with it so far. I’m extremely grateful for the charted version of this pattern. Navigating this pattern without it would be a bit like trying to drive through New Jersey without a map (or GPS depending on how technically advanced you are)


  1. Thanks for the mention!

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