February crochet

So, while my current knitting project took me ages to decide upon my crochet project did not. It was easy to decide I needed to have this:

I love crochet accessories but bags in particular. I love the texture you can achieve with yarn and the stability you get with crochet. I haven’t yet decided on handles but I have options (a room full of them I’m afraid!)

I did a swatch for this and found it came out a tiny bit on the small side. I’m not worried about that too much, it’s a bag after all and I can always add a round or two of single crochet at the end if I feel it needs to be bigger.

I’m using a beautiful, natural off-white wool that was originally a birthday gift from my mom a few years ago. At one point I had knit it into a cardigan that, although beautiful, never got worn for being way too warm. I think the wintery white color is perfect for February and also for the snowflake-like motif.Image



  1. That is a stunning bag. I think I’m going to need to learn how to crochet soon… 🙂

  2. Ooh I love that bag! I’ve never crocheted a bag before…maybe now is the time to give it a go!

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